Technology changes rapidly and your business should have a partner like us that will keep your business website looking fresh, modern, and functional no matter what device it's being viewed with. Press Play - Watch Our Short Video

You Need More Than Just a Basic Website
Engage Your Visitors, Get Results

You Need More

There are many "web designers". But a poor quality website from someone who doesn't know or who doesn't care won't help your business grow. We will not only Optimize your website for search results, we'll also Optimize it for Humans!

Get Results

Engage Your Users = Get Results. Moving people to the next step after landing on your website is crucial. Our websites are beautiful and easy for visitors to find their way around. We're a web design company with professionalism to create your new website with customized graphic design to captivate your audience.

Design is Our Specialty

Our design team is experienced in developing marketing pieces that attract the eye and engage the mind. Not only do we include our finest design services to you, we also create wonderful websites that are user friendly and welcoming. You get the best efforts from us.

Effective Websites

Your website should Be Easy to Use and Informative. We design your new site from a visitor's point of view:

Beautiful and User Friendly

The aesthetics of any website is one of the most important aspects that our team focuses on when creating a great brand that gives an edge in the market place.

Simple Navigation

Visitors move their eyes faster than moving a mouse. When a user moves their mouse to a website item, they’ve likely already decided to click on it to get a result. There is a method to this madness and we have it.

Guide Your Visitor

How do you guide your visitors to take that next step after landing on your website? Do you cram everything on your home page? Keep things tidy and in its place.

Serious Game Plan
You will Work Closely with our Designers and Marketing Team. A serious game plan is important when it comes to your website. Our staff of professionals will work side by side at our design rooms and with you when planning your new site.

"Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true."
- Lester Robert Bittel

Our Assurance

We only provide you with one option...doing it right! We ensure that when finished, your website:

• It harmonizes with your marketing objectives
• It's built to your business needs
• Your visitors will have an engaging experience
• Your visitors will move through your website as desired

We Are Here to Support You and Your Business
MediaGrump Marketing is well known in the Metro Detroit and Downriver Michigan area.
Hard work has sharpened our creativity experiences and has awarded us with a strong client base.
We will work hard for you too.
Some Web Design Services We Offer:

Custom Website Design

Our delivery is consistent and professional. Our websites function across all the major web browsers. Our reputation is solid, and our goal is to maximize your business presence.

Mobile Device Website Design

Behind the scenes we use clean and effective programming code that render beautiful websites that work the same if it is viewed on your computer, tablet, phone or other mobile device. Compatible with Apple I-Phone iOS, Android, Windows Live and more.

E commerce / Shopping Carts

Custom eCommerce websites and payment solutions at affordable prices. Many other companies will charge you a small fortune for this service. We do it at rates that can't be beat.

Email Marketing - Want to send email blasts?

Yes you can with our website designs and programming! Custom designed email templates and integration to be used as a great marketing tool. Your new website will have the ability to collect and store email addresses from willing subscribers.

Blog Development

Our staff is dedicated in helping you market your business. Maintaining a custom blog is a great way to help. We are experts in setting up social networking and fresh content that is optimized for web searches. All this can also be integrated with your awesome new website from MediaGrump.


Google Search Ranking. Strong performance doesn’t happen by accident. You need a talented team of business-minded marketers who are dedicated to your success.

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